Experience the strong connection between yoga and brain health.

As yoga practitioners, we quickly come to understand how a regular practice can help us feel better physically. What we often don’t realize is the important role yoga, in all of its facets –  breath, meditation and the physical practice – can play on our overall brain health. A wide range of research studies have now shown how meditation can reduce stress and anxiety – a leading factor in memory loss. [1]

Yoga for Vitality and Clarity

A workshop using yoga to help improve brain functioning

This highly engaging and participatory two-hour workshop will teach your students how yoga can help maintain calm, improve sleep, energize and activate – all related to good cognitive function.  We’ll discuss how certain aspects of our lives create stress and what that means for our bodies and our brains. Students will learn specific breathing and meditation techniques geared toward improving memory and mental focus, as well as a physical practice to do the same. They will also learn a specific 12-minute meditation, researched by our friends and colleagues at the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF), that improves memory, brain function, depression, anxiety, energy and overall health and emotional wellbeing.[2]

Is this right for your studio?

A Yoga for Vitality and Clarity workshop is best suited for studios that have a high percentage of students over 40 years old. This is the time when people are beginning to care for someone who might be impacted by Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, experiencing some forgetfulness as they age, or caring for both kids and aging parents and are under high levels of stress.

Who can benefit?

I tailor this workshop to all levels and abilities present. While most participants are over 40, people of any age can benefit, specifically:

  • Aging individuals who feel their memory isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be
  • Parents of young children who live in a whirlwind and “never have time to think”
  • Those who suffer from a condition that has created brain fog and would like to learn tools to help think more clearly
  • Professional or personal caregivers or those concerned about someone who is suffering from a memory-related disease such as Alzheimer’s and they’d like to find ways to help
  • Parents of children with learning disabilities looking for tools to help them ground, focus and stay calm
  • Yoga teachers who want to better understand how yoga can relate to memory and the brain so they can share with their students
  • People who lead busy, frazzled lives and are searching for stress-relieving tools
  • Anyone who wants to live with vitality and clarity.

Thank you for considering bringing a Sarasvate, Yoga for Vitality and Clarity workshop to your studio. Please contact us if you’d like any further information.

[1] http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2011/01/eight-weeks-to-a-better-brain/

[2] ARPF, Research Initiatives, http://alzheimersprevention.org/research/