Rise above the daily onslaught of stimuli, reduce stress, work more creatively and productively.

We live in an environment of distractions. We’re expected to be “on” 24/7 with a constant influx of stimuli from our smart phones, email, texts, social media, coworkers, etc. There’s no downtime for the brain, no room for thinking. Studies have shown that meditation and yoga can reduce stress and anxiety, build attention and focus, and improve overall wellbeing.

In addition to being a yoga instructor, I’ve been working in the marketing and advertising industry for over 30 years. It can be exciting, fulfilling, and yes, high stress! I have always relied on yoga to bring me balance, so much so that I became a yoga instructor in 2010. After watching yoga play a role in my own mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s, I created Sarasvate, to help people live with more clarity and vitality.

Mindfulness Workshops for Clear and Creative Thinking

Mindfulness Workshops blend my corporate and yoga experience to teach easy and practical tools to use at work (and at home) every single day. They are participatory, engaging, and include:

  • An introduction to mindfulness – what it means and its benefits.
  • A discussion of the distractions and challenges your team experiences in the workplace, how that manifests in their own lives and how that impedes creativity and thinking.
  • Breathing exercises to help calm and clear the mind, energize and focus, and even improve sleep habits.
  • How to stimulate right brain thinking for more creativity and left brain thinking for more logical problem solving.
  • A discussion on how yoga postures can help with improving confidence, grounding, mental clarity and focus, listening and compassion –with relevance to work situations.
  • A mindfulness meditation to help clear the mind and bring you more to the present moment.

No prior experience with mindfulness, meditation or yoga is necessary.

Packages and custom options to suit you.

  • 90-minute workshop to cover the above
  • Two-hour workshop – everything above PLUS a yoga practice on mats
  • Follow up series: Four weekly 30-minute workshops to establish routine
  • Package of 90-minute workshop plus Follow Up series (4)
  • Package of two-hour workshop plus Follow Up series (4)

Looking for a custom experience?   I’m happy to design a package just for your organization. Together we can bring more productivity and innovation to your workplace and create a healthier, more enjoyable environment.

Antique Himalayan singing bowl. The perfect end to a mindfulness workshop.