Welcome to Sarasvate (sa-ras-vah-té).

Yoga, breath work and meditation can help keep your brain sharp and your body strong. The Sarasvate workshops do just that.

They can be geared towards a variety of audiences including seniors and those already diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or early Alzheimer’s, those who care for seniors, yoga instructors who specialize in senior yoga, or those just concerned about their own brain health.

In addition to breathing techniques and a yoga practice that can be tailored for each audience, we teach the Kirtan Kriya, an ancient 12-minute meditation. The Kirtan Kriya has been studied by the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (alzheimersprevention.org) and shown to improve memory and boost emotions when practiced regularly.

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Jane Stelboum
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In Sanskrit, Sarasvate means Divine Mother and Goddess of Learning.

Sarasvate was founded by Jane Stelboum, a 500 hour certified yoga instructor and marketing executive, in honor of her mother Sarah, a former elementary school teacher who suffered from Alzheimer’s.